11 July 2024

A caravan of 40 teams of rural doctors from across the country have begun their first day of COVID-19 proactive screening in dense communities in Bangkok, using Antigen Test kits, which will continue until next Tuesday. If moderate and severe cases are found, they will receive anti-viral Favipiravir medication, while asymptomatic cases will enter home-isolation. Vaccination will also be conducted to build herd immunity.

Permanent Secretary of the Public Health Ministry Dr. Kiattiphum Wongrajit revealed that, during the partial-lockdown, the ministry and rural doctors have formed more CCR (COVID-19 Response) teams, to conduct proactive screening. Currently, there are 200 CCR teams, which include family doctors, nurses, pharmacists and medical technologists.

Meanwhile, the ministry will also assist in providing 300,000 Antigen Test Kits, with the aim of screening 35,000 people each day, and 250,000 people within seven days. It is also predicted that 32,500, or 15%, may test positive for COVID-19. The ministry will also provide 600,000 Favipiravir tablets starting today.

Dr. Kiattiphum also explained that the CCR Teams will help isolate the infected from their communities, which will prevent the spread of the virus. The team will conduct proactive screening and assist in entering home or community isolation if infections are found. If severe cases are found, the CCR Teams will send them to hospitals and conduct screening on those in close contact with them, including the vaccination of vulnerable groups.