11 July 2024

Rayong’s provincial administration has decided to close all entertainment and recreational venues, schools, beauty salons, fitness clubs, amusement parks, children’s playgrounds and public swimming pools across the province after 56 COVID-19 new cases were recorded today.

Governor Charnna Iamsaeng told the media today that total infections in the province, related to the illegal gambling den, have increased to 148 and the virus has spread to six districts.

He said that, initially, the closures were confined to the Muang district, where the outbreak originated, but now the measure covers the whole province.

Only super markets, convenience stores, drug stores, banks, government and state enterprise offices and food shops may remain open.

The governor also said that, besides Muang district, four other districts, namely Ban Chang, Nikhom Pattana, Ban Khai and Klaeng, have been declared maximum controlled zones, while Pluak Daeng and Khao Chamao districts have been declared maximum surveillance zones.

Movements of foreign migrant workers in the province during the New Year holidays are prohibited as a precautionary step, while Thai workers who are not residents of Rayong are urged to stay put and not to travel home, said the governor.

A COVID-19 alert was reported at the Taksin High School in the province, after one student reportedly contracted the virus from her parents.

150 students and 30 teachers, who are considered to be at high risk, were subjected to tests and the school was closed until further notice.

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