11 July 2024

Provincial governors will be given the powers to impose tougher measures, including targeted curfews, to contain the spread of COVID-19 infections, under new guidelines to be issued by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha.

According to the prime minister’s Facebook page, the new guidelines also cover management of hospital beds, to make sure that all those infected with COVID-19 can get treatment, screening of the infected to determine whether they should be sent to a general hospital, a field hospital or a “hospitel” and recruitment of volunteers to help handle the increasing number of hotline calls.

The use of field hospitals as the centres for triage will help ease the workload at general hospitals, so medics can focus on treating serious cases.

Another option being considered is the reduction of the in-hospital quarantine period, for asymptomatic cases, from 14 to 10 days, with the remaining four days to be spent on self-isolation at home.

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration also announced the closure of many entertainment venues from April 26th, including boxing stadia, racetracks, theme parks, zoos, waterparks, bowling lanes, game arcades, public swimming

pools, fitness centers, museums, public libraries, cinemas, theatres among others. Meanwhile, further operating hour limits will be imposed on department stores, convenience stores, hair salons, public parks and others.