11 July 2024

Thailand’s opposition parties have promised full cooperation with the Government in the fight to win the battle against COVID-19.


Opposition and Pheu Thai party leader Sompong Amornvivat said today that Thailand is now facing “a crisis of immense proportions, which is affecting everyone’s daily life, with impacts on our health, incomes and economy, all of which challenges our ability to weather the crisis together.”

Noting that saving lives is the first priority, he urged all parties concerned to use every means possible to save lives in a “wise manner”, while causing the least possible damage to the country.


Mr. Sompong said that the Opposition will cooperate fully in the allocation of funding, in rapid promulgation of necessary laws and in proposing creative solutions to the problems.

Referring to the Government’s previous missteps and incoherent policies in the fight to control the spread of the disease, and voicing concern for potential violations of human rights by the measures being imposed on the public, the Opposition leader urged the Government to be decisive and transparent in its efforts, to ensure the spread of the disease does not overwhelm the country’s healthcare system, as it did in Italy.


With the pandemic having a major impact on the national economy, Mr. Sompong said that the Government must use tax payers’ money for the utmost benefit of the country and its people, in which case, he said, the Government can be sure of his support.

“This is a moment when we must all pull together to take the country through this crisis,” said the Opposition leader.