11 July 2024

The Election Commission will announce the official results of the May 14th general election after it has carefully checked the accuracy of the vote counts from the 400 electoral constituencies across the country.

According to the latest poll results obtained by Thai PBS, however, the Move Forward party won 151 constituency and party-list seats, one less than the unofficial poll results due to the incomplete constituency vote count in Prachin Buri, which gave the Move Forward party an extra constituency seat, bringing the total number of constituency seats won by the party to 113.

The completed vote count in Prachin Buri resulted in Future Forward’s extra seat being awarded to the Bhumjaithai party.


The official poll results for the top six parties are:  

Move Forward, 151 House seats

Pheu Thai, 141 house seats

Bhumjaithai 71 House seats

Palang Pracharath, 40 House seats

United Thai Nation, 36 House seats

Democrat, 25 House seats

Out of 52,195,920 eligible voters, 39,514,973 cast ballots, representing a turnout of 75.71%. Of all the ballots cast, 39,190,071 ballots (94.12%) are valid. Invalid ballots were 1,457,899 (3.69%) and 866,885 ballots were not cast for any candidate.


As far as constituency seats are concerned, the poll results are:

Move Forward, 112 seats

Pheu Thai, 112 seats

Bhumjaithai, 68 seats

Palang Pracharath, 39 seats

United Thai Nation, 23 seats

Democrat, 22 seats

Chartthaipattana, 9 seats

Prachachart, 7 seats

Thai Sang Thai, 5 seats

Pheu Thai Ruam Palang, 2 seats

Chart Pattana Kla, 1 seat


Regarding the 100 party-list seats, the poll results are:

Move Forward, 39 seats and 14,438,851 votes

Pheu Thai, 29 seats and 10,962,522 votes

United Thai Nation, 13 seats and 4,766,408 votes

Bhumjaithai, 3 seats and 1,138,202 votes

Democrat, 3 seats and 925,349 votes

Prachachart, 2 seats and 602,645 votes

Palang Pracharath, 1 seat and 537,625 votes

Thai Liberal, 1 seat and 351,376 votes

Thai Sang Thai, 1 seat and 340,178 votes

New Democratic, 1 seat and 273,428 votes

Mai, 1 seat and 249,731 votes

Chart Pattana Kla, 1 seat and 212,676 votes

Thongthin Thai, 1 seat and 201,411 votes

Chart Thai Pattana, 1 seat and 192,497 votes

Fair, 1 seat and 184,817 votes

Plung Sungkom Mai, 1 seat and 177,379 votes

Thai Teachers for People, 1 seat and 175,182 votes