11 July 2024

COVID-19 infections in Thailand, announced today (Sunday), dropped by 896 to 24,719 cases from yesterday’s 25,615, but the death toll increased from 40 to 42 cases.

The number only includes infections confirmed by RT-PCR tests.

The new infections include 24,599 locally-acquired cases and 120 cases among overseas arrivals. Cumulative infections this year are 646,181, of which 469,385 have recovered and 208,846 are still being treated in general and field hospitals and at home and in community isolation facilities.

Government Spokesman Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana said today that Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has instructed the Ministry of Public Health Ministry to make sure that all Thais who are infected with coronavirus have access to medical services, starting with out-patient services at Acute Respiratory Infection (ARC) clinics, where the infected with be tested, examined and provided with medications.

Those infected, but who are asymptomatic, will be given the Fah Talai Jone Thai herbal medicine and advised to stay in home isolation. Those with mild or moderate symptoms will be given Favipiravir and other medications to ease their symptoms.

Thanakorn said that ARI clinic services will be launched on March 1st and will be part of the new health management measures to prepare for the transition of COVID-19 from a pandemic to being endemic.