11 July 2024

The National Health Security Office (NHSO) 1330 hotlines have been running red hot, with an average of 20,000 calls for help each day. The number of calls yesterday (Monday) jumped to 49,005, as COVID-19 infections surge across the country.

NHSO Deputy Secretary-General Dr. Atthaporn Limpanyalert told the media today that the lines have become jammed because so many people are calling at the same time seeking help or advice. On many occasions, the lines were left ringing as no officials were available to answer them.

He said that they have tried numerous ways, including increasing the number of staff by 70, to answer the calls, advised callers, most of whom are infected with COVID-19, to register via the NHSO’s website, https://crmsup.nhso.go.th/#TicketHI, the Line Official @nhso or https://lin.ee/zzn3pU6, but the hotlines remain overwhelmed with calls.

He asked for support from other call centres to help ease the workload, as well as volunteers to help answer the calls at the NHSO’s call centre, adding that his office will train the volunteers on how to respond to the questions raised by the callers.

For the time being, he suggested callers to resort to the NHSO’s Line official account. Those seeking help can also register by scanning the QR code on the NHSO website.

The NHSO is Thailand’s frontline service provider for people infected with COVID-19. It is tasked with arranging for home and community isolation for asymptomatic cases and people with mild symptoms.