Thailand’s latest official population is 66,186,727 with more women than men

Thailand’s population, as of December 31st 2020, is 66,186,727, according to the Central Registrar Office’s latest census, announced in the Royal Gazette on March 10th.

There are 33,353.816 Thai women and 31,874,308 Thai men. Of 958,607 non-Thais, 501,224 are male and 457,383 female.

Bangkok has the largest population out of 77 provinces with 5,588,222 people, divided into 2,570,872 men and 2,917,004 women, with 100,346 non-Thais.

The least populated province is Ranong with 194,372, divided into 179,156 Thais and 15,216 non-Thais.


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