11 July 2024

The Election Commission (EC) has allocated free air time on state-run radio and television stations for political parties which won House seats in the last election to proclaim their achievements.

So far, 14 parties have applied for the free air time, which will begin on Monday and continue until Friday at prearranged times between 7am and 10pm. Those interested can check the timetable of the broadcasts on the EC’s website.

Parties which have 70 seats or fewer in the House will each have 10-minutes of air time, while those which have more than 70 seats will be have 20 minutes each.

The two parties given 20-minutes for their party political broadcasts are Pheu Thai and Palang Pracharath. The other 12 parties are Bhumjaithai, Democrat, Move Forward, Chartthaipattana, Thai Liberal, Prachachat, New Economics, For the National, Action Coalition, Thai Local Power, Chart Pattana Kla and New Democrat.

The allocation of free air time is in accordance with Section 23 of Political Parties Act, to allow them to tell the people about their achievements at least once a year.