11 July 2024

Thailand will enter this year’s dry season on Sunday and it will be hotter than last year, with average high temperatures forecast at 35.5oC and 40-43oC in Tak, Sukhothai, Lampang and Mae Hong Son provinces.  

Temperatures in Bangkok and surrounding areas are forecast to peak at 39oC, according to the Meteorological Department.

The department said today (Friday) that the dry season will begin due to the change of the north-easterly monsoon wind to south-easterly over the north of the country and an increase in daytime temperatures in the north of the country, with temperatures forecast at 35oC and higher.

The north and north-east may experience cool weather during the mornings, until the middle of March, after which it will become hotter until the end of April, with temperatures forecast to peak at 42oC in some provinces. Summer storms and hail are predicted for some areas. Turbulent weather is expected from the end of April until mid-May, with thunderstorms and hot weather.

Average rainfall in northern Thailand this year is predicted to be normal, whereas average rainfall in the south may be a bit higher, possibly reducing in July. Farmers are advised to reserve water for farming.

From April until mid-May, the south is forecast to face more rain, particularly on the western coast, with 60%-80% percent of the area facing heavy rainfall. Rough conditions can be expected in the Andaman Sea, with wave heights of 2-3 metres.