11 July 2024

Thailand’s Disease Control Department (DCD) reported 1,583 new COVID-19 cases today (Friday), down from yesterday’s 1,871, and 15 more deaths, raising cumulative infections to 36,290 and 109 fatalities since April 1st.

Dr. Taweesap Siraprapasiri, a senior doctor at the DCD, told the media today that 786 of those being treated in hospitals are suffering from lung infections and, of these, 230 are in a severe condition and on ventilators. They are occupying 80% of the ICU beds available in hospitals in Bangkok and its suburbs.

Although new daily infections are gradually reducing across the country, he said that severe cases are increasing rapidly, to the extent that they may overwhelm the capacity of medical services to handle this severe crisis.

He noted that several of those who died did not know they were infected and, when they went to a hospital for treatment, it was already too late, adding that many of these cases contracted the disease from family members, colleagues in work places, at seminars or from visiting high-risk areas.

Cumulative infections, since early last year, are 65,153, with 203 fatalities.

Thai comedian “Na Khom” has died at 63, after being hospitalised for COVID-19 infection.

Among the victims who died today is a well-known Thai comedian Arkhom Preedakul, alias Na Khom Chuanchuen, after being in hospital for treatment for a COVID-19 related lung infection since April 12th.

His daughter, Ice Napatcharin, said in her Facebook post today that her father went into coma yesterday and died.

63-year old Na Khom was in show business as a comedian for more than 50 years, appearing in more than 60 Thai films, sitcoms and TV series. His last movie appearance was in the movie “E Riam Sing”.

In Chon Buri province, the provincial health office reported 151 new cases, raising total infections there, since April 1st, to 2,416 and 4 deaths.

Bangkok’s neighboring province of Nonthaburi recorded 112 new COVID-19 cases today, driving total infections in the province to 2,106 since the beginning of this month. 1,214 patients are still being treated in hospitals and the death toll is12.