12 July 2024

Two groups of protesters rallied near Government House in Bangkok this afternoon (Tuesday).

Initially, they were mostly members of the now dismantled “Baan Thaloo Fah” community, originally located in front of the Government House. They gathered on the Chamaimaruchet Bridge at about 3.30pm and then formed a single file line to confront anti-riot police, deployed to prevent the protesters from moving nearer to Government House.

Some of the protesters then pasted pictures of Ratsadon leaders being held on remand on the shields of the police. A protester representative read a statement, repeating their four demands, which are the release of all Ratsadon leaders and members held on remand, the drafting of a new Constitution, abolition the lèse majesté law and the resignation of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha.

This group ended their rally at about 4pm and dispersed.

The second group are mostly active and former vocational students and Thanadet Srisongkhram, a leader of the so-called Vocational Students Protecting the People for Democracy, said that the rally will feature speeches s criticizing alleged mismanagement by the prime minister.

Thanadet Srisongkhram

He said most of the protesters will gather at the bridge in the evenings, on a continuous basis, to protest against the government and the prime minister in a peaceful manner.

The protest today will end at by 9pm.