11 July 2024

The communique was signed by over 80 countries and international organizations including the US, the UK, Canada, France, Germany, the EU, Singapore, among others.

The document reaffirmed the support for Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. Four areas of discussions were nuclear safety, food security, exchanges of prisoners and safety of navigation.

Thailand was enthusiastic to join the recent global summit on Ukraine because it offered the opportunity for the international community to take part in the discussion of the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

The purpose is find common positions that could be developed further.

At least 90 countries and international organizations attended the summit, even though Russia, the main antagonist, was not invited.

Other countries also stayed away from the summit. Therefore, the summit’s desire to push forward for a real peace in Ukraine remains elusive.

From the Thai perspective, the joint communique could have more support if it is more inclusive and more balanced.

Thailand believes that the conflict can be resolved through a negotiated settlement following the UN charter’s principles and international laws which are keys to end all conflicts in various places of the world. 

Thailand hopes that the next summit will include Russia, which is indispensable in ending the current war.

Other countries including China, Central Asia and African countries should also be included. Switzerland, the summit’s host, said that the next summit will have to include Russia.

At the summit, Thailand reiterated that the food security was pivotal issue in the search a peaceful solution.

Thailand would work with the international community to bing back the Black Sea Grains Initiative and other plans to restore global food security and its supply chains. 

In the six UN sponsored resolutions on the situation of Russia-Ukraine war, Thailand voted yes for four and abstained for two.

The country calls for an immediate cessation of hostility and mobilization of humanitarian assistance to affected victims in all neighboring countries.

by Thai PBS World//Photo : General view of a plenary session at the Summit on peace in Ukraine, at the luxury Burgenstock resort, near Lucerne, on June 16.//AFP