11 July 2024

Thailand wants Hong Kong business operators to use Thailand as their trade and investment centre in the Southeast Asian region and to support Thailand’s efforts to develop its soft power in food, services, rice and fruits, Deputy Prime Minister and Commerce Minister Phumtham Wechayachai said today.

Phumtham is leading a delegation to Hong Kong, comprised of representatives from 27 Thai companies, to participate in the Hong Kong International Film and TV Market (FILMART), which is Asia’s biggest film industry business event.

During the visit, Phumtham met with Algernon Yau, Minister of Commerce and Economic Development of Hong Kong, to discuss bilateral trade relations, promotion of Thai small- and medium-sized enterprises and increased access to the Hong Kong market for Thai products, as well as increased investment in Thailand by Hong Kong investors.

Phumtham said that he would like Hong Kong to increase its imports of Thai products, such as Thai food, fruits and rice,Hong Kong people to use Thai medical and wellness services, promotion of Thai start-ups and investments in the real estate business.

Currently, Hong Kong is ranked as Thailand’s 7th largest export market and 13th largest trading partner, with the volume of exports worth about US$11 billion and US$2.6 billion baht worth of imports last year, representing a trade surplus of US$ 8.4 billion for Thailand.

Main export items to Hong Kong include jewellery, ornaments, circuit boards, watches and accessories, fruits and pharmaceutical products.