11 July 2024

The Ministry of Interior has ordered all provinces to step up efforts to control forest fires, smoke and dust emissions with cooperation from all parties concerned.

They must follow the four-step guidelines introduced to deal with PM2.5 levels in the atmosphere.

In the first step, if the PM2.5 level is less than 50 microns, all provincial units tasked with fire control must try to keep the dust level under 50 microns.

In the second step, if the PM2.5 level ranges from 51 to 75 microns, the provincial governors must take charge of directing efforts and ensuring the cooperation of all relevant units.

In the third step, if the PM2.5 increases to between 76 and 100 microns, the governor is empowered to order the suspension of any activities which cause air pollution, on the recommendation of the pollution control committee.

In the final step, if PM2.5 level exceeds 100 microns, the National Environment Committee must call an urgent meeting to resolve the problem.