12 July 2024

The departments of Highways and of Rural Roads are surveying roads across the country to determine which higher speed limits will be allowed on which roads.

The Ministry of Transport announced that this month Highway 32, also known as the Asia Highway, will be the first to increase the upper speed limit, to 120 kilometers per hour, along its 45.9 kilometers.

Transport minister, Saksayam Chidchob, said that the new regulations set the speed limit for trucks weighing over 2.2 tonnes at 90km/hr. Vehicles which can carry more than 15 passengers are limited to 65km/hr.

Vehicles with more than 7 but not more than 15 passengers are limited to 100km/hr. The school bus speed limit is now 80km/hr.

Motorcycle speed is capped at 110km/hr. Tractors, steamrollers, and other agricultural and construction vehicles are limited to 45km/hr.

Otherwise, the speed limit will be 120km/hr.