11 July 2024

Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health has announced plans to procure 200 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines next year, to prepare for more mutations of the deadly virus.

Deputy Health Minister, Dr. Sathit Pitutecha was answering questions from the Senate regarding vaccine procurement plans, when he said the National Vaccine Institute and the ministry will procure at least 200 million doses in 2022 as booster doses, as they prepare for new developments of such vaccines and more mutations of the virus.

At the moment, they are in talks to procure more AstraZeneca viral-vector vaccine, of which the second version is being developed. They are also in talks to procure Pfizer and Sputnik-V.

As for this year, Thailand has procured 124 million doses, 61 million of which are AstraZeneca, of which 7.3 million will be delivered in September, 10 million in October and 13 million each in November and December.

Thailand will also receive 31 million doses of Pfizer, 2 million in September, 8 million in October, and 10 million each in November and December.

The Deputy Health Minister also revealed that there were issues with vaccine administration at the start, but he assured that the administration will go according to plan after negotiations with vaccine producers. This means that Thailand will receive enough vaccines as planned, and they will be used to inoculate people aged at least 60, those with any of the seven underlying diseases and pregnant women. He also saidthat the ministry will conduct proactive inoculations forpeople in those groups.

Thailand has administered nearly 36 million doses of vaccines to date, with about 14.3% of the population having received two doses.