11 July 2024

Get your sweater out of the wardrobe, as you might need it by the end of this month, as Thailand will enter the cold season during the fourth week of October, with temperatures expected to drop to 20 degrees celsius in the north.

Bangkok residents, who have not experienced cold weather for several consecutive years may, this year, need to wear warm clothing as the temperature may drop to 17 degrees celsius in the inner city and 15 degrees celsius in the suburbs.

The Thai Meteorological Department reported this morning (Monday) that Thailand’s cold season will see average temperatures lower than last year.

The average temperature in mountainous areas in northern and north-eastern provinces may drop to 8 degrees celsius.

The coldest period will be between December and the end of January, when visitors to mountainous retreats may experience ground frost.

The Weatherman also said that a cold front from China is forecast to cover Thailand’s northern regions, but the cold season does not officially start until the end of the month.