11 July 2024

Thailand recorded 9 new COVID-19 infections today, the third day of single figure increases, and no virus related fatalities.

This brings the accumulated infections in the country to 2,947, while recoveries have risen by 13 to 2,665. 228 cases remain in hospital.

Of the nine new infections, six were reported to have been in close contact with infected people, with three each in Bangkok and Phuket. Two were medical personnel and another is being investigated.

CCSA spokesman Dr. Taweesin Visanuyothin said today that studies of 88 infected minors, ranging in age from one month to 14 years old, show that 45% contracted the disease from their parents, 24% from members of the same household and 8% from other sources.

Minors account for 3% of all the country’s infections, but there have not been any fatalities reported in this age group to date.

Citing information from the Department of Mental Health, Dr. Taweesin said that 82.4% of all Thais observed social distancing in April, against 86.9% in March. 87.5% washed their hands frequently in April, compared to 83.6% in March and 96.8% wore face masks in April, against 70% in March.

Although the new infection rate continues to decline, he reiterated the need to be vigilant and to ease lockdown restrictions cautiously.

Regarding the proposed reopening of dine-in restaurants and food shops, Taweesin said that social distancing must be strictly enforced, to make sure customers avoid close contact.

“Many businesses want to reopen, but we must ensure that appropriate measures are in place first.  We must keep to single-digit daily new infections for as long as possible and see new infections the world over slow down,” said the CCSA spokesman.

Regarding the ban on liquor sales, he said that CCSA has not reached a decision yet, noting that a decision on the matter is actually within the authority of each province, since it was their decision to impose the ban in the first place.