11 July 2024

Seven new COVID-19 cases were recorded in Thailand today (Sunday). Six of them arrived from abroad and are in state quarantine and one is a Myanmar truck driver, who has been sent back across the Thai-Myanmar border for treatment.

According to the CCSA, two new infections arrived from the United States, including a 32-year Thai woman and a 53-year old American woman. The others include a 24-year Czech businessman arriving from Austria, a 61-year old Canadian and a 56-year old Thai woman arriving from Canada and a 49-year old Russian air crew member, arriving from Russia.

Cumulative infections in Thailand, to date, are 3,837, including 2,452 locally-transmitted cases and 881 imported cases in state quarantine.  Ten more people have recovered from the disease, bringing the total to 3,654. 123 others are still being treated in hospitals and the national death toll remains at 60.

Worldwide infections to today are 50,254,287, with 91,778 severe cases. Total recoveries are 35,546,047.  Total fatalities are 1,256,114.

The world’s top five countries with the highest number of infections are:

  1. USA 10,182,818
  2. India   8,507,203
  3. Brazil   5,653,561
  4. Russia   1,753,836
  5. France   1,748,705

Thailand is ranked in 149th place.