11 July 2024

Five new COVID-19 cases have been recorded in Thailand today, four foreigners and one Thai and all arrived from abroad.


According to the CCSA, two cases are Indian citizens, including a 27-year old auditor, arriving in Thailand from India on September 25th and entering alternative state quarantine on the same day. The first test on arrival was negative, but a second test, conducted on October 2nd, confirmed the infection after he developed sore throat.  He was later admitted to a private hospital in Bangkok.

The second Indian, a 33-year old chef, arrived in Thailand on September 30th and entered hotel based quarantine in Bangkok.  He tested positive for COVID-19 on October 3rd and was also admitted to a private hospital in Bangkok.


One 34-year old Portuguese cabin crew member, of a charter airline, arrived in Thailand from Malaysia on September 30th, but before that he had stopped over in India and Malaysia.  He entered hotel quarantine on the day of his arrival and was given the first test on October 3rd, which showed a positive result.  He was admitted to a private hospital in Samut Prakan.

The fourth case is a 50-year old Bahrain citizen, who arrived in Thailand from Bahrain on September 27th and entered hotel quarantine in Bangkok.  He underwent a first test on October 2nd and was found to be infected.


The fifth case is a 55-year old Thai woman, arriving from Japan on September 30th and entering state quarantine in Chon Buri province.  She developed a fever and cough on October 3rd and a test confirmed her infection. She was admitted to a private hospital in Chon Buri.

Cumulative infections in Thailand, to date, are 3,590, with 3,390 recoveries. 141 others are still being treated in hospital and death toll remains 59.


In the neighbouring country of Myanmar, the number of new infections has increased rapidly, although fatality rate is low, with only seven deaths being recorded in September, according to Reuters.

Several thousands of health volunteers have been mobilized by authorities to help relieve the workload at hospitals and quarantine centres.

More than 16,500 people have been infected and the total death toll is reported to be 371.

One health volunteer said that he sleeps 1-2 hours each night, because of the heavy workload, but he is happy to be able to help the other people, adding that he is now not afraid of becoming infected.