11 July 2024

The office of Thailand’s Prime Minister announced today that the cabinet has resolved to allocate about 1.2 billion baht for the first 2 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine.

This first lot of vaccines will have to get approval from China’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA), before being exported to Thailand. Then it has to get approval from the Thai FDA before being distributed.

The government’s pharmaceutical department will manage the import, while the disease control department will handle distribution.

The first group of people to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in Thailand will be about 20,000 medical personnel, health volunteers and field officials in Red Zones and another 180,000 doses are for high-risk groups. The operation is expected to begin in February.

Thailand will receive another 26 million doses, from AstraZeneca, in May. There is currently no published distribution plan for this lot, but the government confirmed that at least 60 million people in the country will ultimately be inoculated.