11 July 2024

A new edict has been issued by the Department of Agriculture to ease restrictions on the import of cannabis and hemp seeds.

Effective today (Saturday), cannabis and hemp seeds can be shipped to Thailand from abroad by air, sea or overland, instead of by air alone, as previously stipulated.

There is no longer a requirement for the seeds to be treated with fungicide and, hence, there is no need to specify the fungicide or the amount used in the disinfection process in the plant safety certificate.

Deputy Government Spokesperson Traisuree Traisoranakul said that other restrictions previously stipulated remain enforceable, such importers being required to apply for an import permit from the Department of Agriculture.

The cannabis and hemp seeds to be imported must not be genetically-modified and must be in clean containers, which are free from insects, other seeds, soil, plant or animal remains.

Most importantly, she said, the imported seeds must be accompanied by a plant safety certificate, issued by the national plant protection agency of the exporting country.

On arrival at Thailand’s ports of entry, the cannabis and hemp seeds will be subject to inspection, to ensure that they correspond with the information specified in the documentation, failing that the authorities are empowered to have the seeds destroyed.