11 July 2024

The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) has designated ten more countries as “high-risk” for COVID-19, and citizens of these countries travelling to Thailand are now required to produce proof of health insurance and doctor’s certificate to enter Thailand. They could also to be subjected to 14-days of quarantine at locations designated by the Thai government.

The ten countries are Spain, France, Germany, Britain, Switzerland, Japan, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the United States.

On March 6th, China, South Korea, Iran and Italy and two Chinese territories, Hong Kong and Macau, were designated as “high-risk” or “Dangerous Infectious Disease” zones.


CAAT director Chula Sukmanop told a news conference today that airlines carrying passengers from these 10 countries must screen them before boarding, to make sure that they all have a doctor’s certificate, which is valid for 72 hours, and that they must observe 14-day self-quarantine, to ensure that they are not infected, before travelling.

The passengers are also required to complete a form for presentation to Thai health officials upon their arrival in Thailand.

Mr. Chula said that the airlines are responsible for all expenses incurred in Thailand in case any of their passengers are have to be isolated, quarantined or provided with medical treatment.