Thai school under fire for changing a soccer field into a golf driving range

The management of a school in the Renu Nakhon district of Thailand’s north-eastern province of Nakhon Phanom has come under fire on social media for converting the soccer field at the school into a golf driving range.

Some residents in the school’s neighbourhood have also complained about golf balls falling on the roofs of their houses or in their compounds.

The criticism has finally forced the school’s director, Panuwat Thongyot, to publically defend the driving range project, saying that it is a part of a golfing course, initiated by the management, for students who want to be trained as future professional golfers.

He admitted, however, that the management did not seek consent from people in the community for the project.

Regarding the problem of the overshot golf balls, the director said that the school has erected a net screen to prevent golf balls from hitting the houses in the neighbourhood or accidentally landing on people.

Nevertheless, he said that the management is ready to scrap the project if it is so wished by the majority of the people.


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