Thai Rural Doctors Society claims COVID-19 infections are rising, not falling

People wait for 30 minutes to monitor for possible side effects after receiving a dose of the AstraZeneca/Oxford Covid-19 coronavirus vaccine from a “Mobile Vaccination Unit” set up inside a bus in Bangkok on September 8, 2021. Jack TAYLOR / AFP

The Rural Doctors Society (RDS) has warned Thai people not to lower their guard, noting that COVID-19 infections in Thailand are not declining, as widely misunderstood. On the contrary, are increasing, averaging over 20,000 cases a day.

In its Facebook post today (Sunday), the RDS says “please pay attention and be on the alert” as it pointed out at the Centre for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) has shown two figures for new infections today, from different testing methods –  10,817 cases from RT-PCR tests and 10,055 cases from antigen tests.

Actual infections today from the two test results should have been more than 20,000 cases, said the RDS.

In today’s news briefing, however, the CCSA announced today’s infections at 10,817.

Pointing to the 3,000 severe cases recorded today, the RDS said that the growth in severe cases has not slowed, clearly indicating the daily infections in Thailand should have been about 30,000 cases and the figures should increase if more people in high-risk zones are tested.

COVID-19 infections are on the rise, especially in the “red zones”, said the RDS, and it noted that the Ministry of Interior and local administration organizations are showing signs of fatigue and complacency, whereas politicians are more concerned with preparing for elections.

The Ministry of Public Health cannot, however, afford to be complacent, otherwise, more new clusters will pop up “like mushrooms,” said the RDS, as it predicted that the graph of new infections will rise steeply next week.


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