11 July 2024

Members, as well as former executive committee members of the disbanded Thai Raksa Chart, may help campaign for other parties and candidates, Election Commission secretary-general Jarungvidh Phumma said today.
However, he warned that the party executives must take extra caution and make sure that their electoral campaigning is not seen as attempting to dominate the other parties and that they cannot use their images on the posters of the other parties or candidates.
Jarungvidh urged the Thai Raksa Chart party to remove the party’s campaign posters from public places quickly and to remove campaign advertising from social media.
As for overseas voting at Thai embassies, the EC secretary-general said it would notify the embassies of the Constitutional Court’s decision to dissolve the Thai Raksa Chart party so that overseas Thai nationals would be informed and told that ballots cast for the party would be declared invalid.
Meanwhile, Princess Ubolratna posted an Instagram message from Berlin, Germany on Thursday, vowing to carry on with her work for Thailand. The princess is now in Berlin to promote secondary cities in Thailand, in provinces including Maha Sarakham, Muk Dahan, Nakhon Phanom and Loei, as new tourist destinations.
The Princess was nominated as the prime ministerial candidate of the Thai Rak Chart party on February 8th only to be withdrawn the same night following a Royal Command from HM the King. The unprecedented nomination resulted in the party being found guilty of acts hostile to Constitutional Monarchy and being dissolved by the Constitutional Court on Thursday.