11 July 2024

Human rights lawyer Anont Nampa, one of four prominent anti-government protest leaders, was granted bail by Chiang Mai provincial court today (Monday) but, as he was about to be released, he was booked by Chana Songkhram police on fresh charges.

At Chiang Mai provincial court this afternoon, police sought court approval for an extension of Anont’s detention for another 12 days, which the court granted.

Anont’s lawyer had asked the court for bail, and posted 200,000 baht as a collateral. The court agreed.
Bangkok-based Chana Songkhram police, however, arrived at the prison with a court order to take him to Bangkok to face fresh charges, related to the protests at Thammasat University and Sanam Luang on September 19th.

Informed police sources said Anont was put in a police van, in the company of a lawyer and police, for the journey back to the capital.

Meanwhile, Associate Professor Somchai Preechasilpkul, a lecturer attached to the Faculty of Law at Chiang Mai University, led six students to the Muang District police station to acknowledge charges, related to the protest at the Tha Pae Gate in August, the same charges filed against Anont and for which he was granted bail.

The six students were briefly questioned before being released without bail.