11 July 2024

Thai police raided the office of the Kao Na, or Progressive Movement, this afternoon, as Piyabutr Saengkanokkul, a key member of the movement, was holding a press conference about the state of emergency and the alleged blocking of a royal motorcade near the Government House yesterday by some anti-government protesters.


Upon learning, from a security guard, that police had entered the Thai Summit building, where the movement’s office is located, Ms. Pannika Wanich, another core member of the movement, locked the door of the office, to prevent the police from entering, claiming that the police had not notified them in advance of their presence in the building.

Police then showed Ms. Pannika, what they claimed to be, a court warrant which was, in fact, a copy of the Emergency Decree and told her that the press conference was illegal because it amounted to public assembly of more than five people.

After some discussion, the police team was allowed into the office where the press conference was being held. Police left the office shortly afterward, before returning to the office to talk with Piyabutr.