11 July 2024

Police from the Technology Crime Suppression Centre broke up a major Chinese-owned online gambling operation on Friday. The organisation is reported to have had about 500 million baht in daily turnover and operated from a hotel in the Hua Mark area of Bangkok.

About 50 people, mostly Chinese, were found in the hotel, along with 50 computer notebooks and 53 smart phones.

Police said that all of them helped to operate the online gambling site, with some in charge of tending to the server and others working as administrators and sales people, persuading potential customers, mostly Chinese, to gamble through their website.

After the customers agreed to gamble, an account would be opened for them. Most customers used the Chinese Yuan currency in their gambling.

All 50 employees of the illegal gambling operation entered Thailand legally, but none of them had work permits, said the police. They have initially been charged with working in Thailand illegally.