11 July 2024

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Mass shooting in Nong Bua Lam Phu kills at least 35, mostly children

A former policeman opened fire in a nursery in Thailand’s northeastern province of Nong Bua Lam Phu, killing at least 35 people, mostly children. It is reported that the shooter has also killed his own wife and his son before committing suicide at his home.

The motive behind the mass shooting remains unknown, but it has been reported that the gunman was apparently under the influence of drugs.

Ratsadon protest group calls for House dissolution

Thailand’s anti-establishment Ratsadon group is demanding the dissolution of the House of Representatives, before the end of the House’s 4-year term in March, so that a general election can be held.

If the demand is ignored, they say they will put pressure on political parties to pursue its demands. It also reconfirmed its three key demands, which are for Prime Minister Prayut to resign, the drafting of a new and more democratic Constitution and the amendment of the lèse majesté law.

Thousands of flood victims in Chai Nat province take refuge on roadsides

Thousands of people in Sapphaya district of Thailand’s Chai Nat province have been taking temporary refuge on roadsides, after their houses became submerged, following an increase in the volume of water being discharged through the Chao Phraya Dam in the province.

The Meteorological Department reported this morning that a cold front from China has blanketed northern Thailand and the South China Sea and this will mean less rain in the northern and north-eastern regions.

Retired teacher detained for allegedly procuring underage girls for prostitution

Police from Thailand’s Anti-Trafficking in Persons Division have arrested a retired teacher, who is accused of procuring young girls for local politicians and officials in the north-eastern province of Kalasin. The alleged procurer faces charges of sex trafficking and depriving underage girls of access to their parents. The customers face similar charges.