11 July 2024

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Police waiting for psychiatric report on Bangkok Book Fair attacker

Police are waiting for a psychiatric report on the man who allegedly attacked politician Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit at a convention centre in Bangkok last week, so they can send the case to the public prosecutors.

The national police chief said that they have been compiling the cases pending against the suspect, including the attack on Thanathorn, and they will be presented to a court to decide whether the suspect should be in a secure psychiatric facility.

Thailand reports its 12th monkeypox case

The Disease Control Department identified Thailand’s 12th monkeypox case yesterday, in an Omani male in Phuket. Initial information shows that the man visited entertainment venues and restaurants in Phuket which serve Middle Eastern food, but did not have sex with anyone. He later developed a fever, cough and headache, followed by blisters.

Thailand now monitoring all arrivals from Africa to prevent spread of Ebola

The Ministry of Public Health has stepped up its monitoring of arrivals from African countries, especially Uganda, following an outbreak of Ebola in that country in September.

The Director-general of the Disease Control Department said that, even though the WHO has not issued a Public Health Emergency notice yet, he finds it necessary for Thailand to take precautions, to prevent the disease from entering the country.

Six officials in Songkhla face arrest for allegedly seeking bribes for suspect’s release

Songkhla Provincial Court has issued arrest warrants for six officials, for allegedly demanding bribes from the relatives of a drug suspect being held in custody.

An investigation into their conduct was launched by Songkhla police, after the suspect claimed that they had demanded one million baht in cash, 200,000 methamphetamine tablets or 10kgs of crystal meth from his relatives in exchange for his release.