11 July 2024

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Thailand’s Cannabis-Hemp Bill withdrawn from House agenda

The draft Cannabis-Hemp Bill was dealt a major setback yesterday, as it was withdrawn from the House agenda by a majority vote yesterday. The Bill was supposed to be deliberated by the House in its second reading, but Democrat and opposition MPs from the Pheu Thai and Move Forward parties voiced opposition to the Bill, which they claim has been extensively altered during the scrutiny process, after the first-reading of the original version.

Bhumjaithai party cries foul over politicisation of Cannabis-Hemp Bill

The Bhumjaithai party has cried foul over what it describes as a politically-motivated attempt by other parties to stall their draft Cannabis-Hemp Bill. The party’s registrar and head of the House panel scrutinising the bill, said today that the proposed legislation had been well received by members of the public, which might have surprised the other parties, with several tens of thousands of them registering to grow cannabis.

Lat Krabang district declared a disaster zone by Bangkok’s administration

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has declared Lat Krabang district a flood disaster zone, so provision of assistance can be expedited to relieve the hardships of some 20,000 residents in 10,300 households, which have been suffering from heavy flooding for over a week. Bangkok has been lashed with heavy rain over the past two weeks, with an average of 100mm of falling every day, resulting in flooding in several areas.

Thai rapper Milli’s performance in South Korea cancelled due to visa problem

Thai rapper and singer “Milli” will not perform at the Hiphopplaya Festival in South Korea this Sunday, due to visa issues. Milli’s agency said in its announcement yesterday that the Thai artist’s performance has been cancelled, as the artist and crew are not able to travel to South Korea, and apologised to her fans.