11 July 2024

The Progressive Movement-initiated bill to decentralise local administration, to allow greater autonomy for local administrations in managing their affairs, was rejected by a joint session of the House and Senate today (Wednesday).

254 legislators, including six senators, voted in support of the bill, which was seconded by 76,591 members of the public, while 245 voted against, with 129 abstentions.

Opposition MPs and most Democrat MPs voted in favour, whereas Bhumjaithai MPs abstained and most Palang Pracharath PMs voted against.

The roll call vote took about two hours, starting at 10am.

The bill was automatically dropped because it received fewer than 361 votes, or half of the number of MPs and senators required for its passage.

Last week, Thanathorn and key members of the Progressive Movement held a press conference at parliament, appealing to the legislators in both Houses to support his bill to amend Section 147 of the Constitution regarding local administration.

The bill sought a 50:50 allocation of taxes collected locally, so local administrative organisations could have sufficient funding for local development and the ability to manage local affairs. It also sought greater autonomy for local administrative organisations in managing local affairs to meet local requirements.