11 July 2024

The pro-Monarchy Thai Pakdee group has decided to transform itself into a fully-fledged political party, to oppose the Kao Klai party and two anti-establishment groups, the Progressive Movement and the “Three-Finger Mob”.

Dr. Warong Dechgitvigrom, Thai Pakdee’s founder, told Thai PBS on Wednesday that the decision to become a political party a response to calls from many supporters who are hesitant about providing financial support to the group because there are no clear regulations governing it.

The former Democrat MP for Phitsanuloke province said that the group has political experience and many supporters who want the group to become a political party.

Another reason for the group becoming a party is the increased activity of anti-Monarchy groups, said Warong, adding that, last August, he and the other founders decided to form as a group, instead of a party, because it did not need much investment and the original purpose was to educate people.

The Thai Pakdee group’s manifesto, which was published last August 19th, includes the safeguarding of Thailand’s three pillars of The Nation, the Religion and the Monarchy, resistance to all kinds of monopoly, support for technology, a self-sufficient economy and promotion of the “Thainess” characteristic.

The Pakdee group has been very vocal against the Progressive Movement, the Kao Klai party and the anti-establishment Ratsadon group for their alleged anti-Monarchy stance.