11 July 2024

The Ministry of Public Health launched COVID-19 vaccinations for children, aged from six months to 4-years-old today (Wednesday), using the “red-cap” Pfizer vaccine, which has been approved by the Medical Sciences Department.

According to the government’s “Thai Khu Fah” webpage, the vaccination is voluntary and only done with consent of parents.

The vaccination regimen consists of three 3μg doses over a three-month period. The first and second doses are administered one month apart, followed by the third dose two months later.

After the vaccination, parents are advised to wait with their children at the vaccination venue for 30 minutes for observation. The vaccination venue for this group of young children is separated from other children, to prevent confusion over vaccine administration.

Citing a study in the United States, in which more than one million doses of a similar vaccine were administered to children, the Public Health Ministry said that there were fewer cases of side effects among young children than in older children and there has not been a case of severe side effects or death among those vaccinated.

The Ministry said that the Pfizer vaccine is safe and can reduce the incidence of Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome among Children (MIS-C), a serious condition associated with COVID-19.