11 July 2024

The Thai Government is considering the granting of more subsidies to state welfare card holders, to improve their lives and reduce social and income disparity, said Acting Government Spokesman Anucha Burapachaisri today (Sunday).

He expects the new subsidies will come into force in March, after the issuance of a full list of those who are qualified to receive state welfare cards. By the end of September last year, about 19 million people had applied.

Thai nationals over 18, the unemployed and those who earn 100,000 baht a year or less are qualified to apply for state welfare cards.

Anucha said that the Finance Ministry is considering what subsidies or financial help could be further extended to the card holders.

He said that those who do not pass the qualification screening can appeal within 15-30 days and, if they prove to be qualified, they will receive the financial help retroactively.

The subsidies or financial help already granted include:  

-200-300 baht/month to purchase goods

-A special allowance of 200 baht to purchase goods inJanuary

-100 baht/month subsidy for cooking gas from January to March

-500 baht/month subsidy for travel by train

-500 baht/month subsidy for Transport Company services

-500 baht/month for MRT/BTS/ARL services

-100 baht/month for tap water fees

-100 baht refund for household electricity charges (not exceeding 315 baht/month)

-200 baht/month for the disabled