11 July 2024

The Thai Foreign Ministry said today that it believes countries friendly to Thailand will respect her sovereignty and support acts which are in compliance with the Thai Constitution, just as Thailand does with members of the international community.

In a statement, issued today in response to the concern expressed by the US embassy in Bangkok over the Constitutional Court’s decision to dissolve the Future Forward party and to ban its executive committee from politics for ten years, the Foreign Ministry said it has acknowledged the concerns expressed by some countries over the court’s decision.

The ministry insisted, however, that the court’s decision was in line with the Constitution and the organic law on political parties, without bias against the Future Forward party and its executive committee.

The ministry also noted that the current Constitution had been approved by the people through a referendum and it is applied to all parties alike.

Thailand is determined to promote democratic values and political pluralism and it believes her sovereignty is to be respected, according to the statement.