11 July 2024

The Election Commission (EC) has assured members of parliament that 95% of the results in the next general election will be known by 10pm on Election Day and that it is preparing to designate the election constituencies.

In reporting to MPs about the EC’s work, Secretary-General Sawaeng Boonmee said that, in designating the constituencies, the EC will gauge public opinion regarding the election models, adding that the EC will strictly follow the law and make transparency and fairness their top priority.

He said that a good election consists of the rule of law, good polling units, good election committees and good case files, adding that the votes received for each candidate reflect the choices of the voters, so the EC must ensure that the voters are provided with convenience and that the public can check the vote counting process.

During the briefing today (Thursday), several MPs expressed concern over the designation of constituencies, noting that political parties are not able to decide which of their candidates will contest which seat until the constituency designation is completed.

Other MPs suggested that the EC applies new technology in the vote counting, so election results will be known sooner and will be more accurate. They also want the EC to get tougher with vote buyers.