11 July 2024

Thailand’s Region 5 Appeals Court has granted bail to human rights lawyer Anont Nampa and another protest leader, Prasit Khrutharote, after it was convinced that they would not attempt to flee justice.


Only Prasit, a student of Chiang Mai University student, was freed, however, because lecturers at the university used their status as a bond to pay his bail.

Since Anont did not post bail, set by the court at 200,000 baht in cash or equivalent, he had to spend another night on remand at the provincial prison in Chiang Mai.

Informed police sources said that Anont might not be released, because he could be charged with additional alleged offences, related to his involvement in several protest rallies in recent weeks.

Anont and Prasit have been held on remand at Chiang Mai provincial prison since October 15th, on charges related to a protest held at Tha Pae Gate in Chiang Mai on August 9th.