11 July 2024

Thai Airways International and Thai Air Asia have cancelled their flights to Hong Kong today after protesters broke into Hong Kong airport’s passenger terminal.

THAI announced that two flights from Bangkok to Hong Kong, TG 606 which was due to leave Bangkok at 4pm and TG602 which was due to leave at 6.30pm, have been cancelled.  The third flight, TG 607 which was scheduled to leave Hong Kong for Bangkok at 8.45pm, is also cancelled.

Thai Air Asia, meanwhile, cancelled flights FD504/505 and 502/503 from Don Muang airport to Hong Kong and Flight FD 524/525 from Phuket to Hong Kong.

The Thai Consular Office in Hong Kong has advised Thai passengers, who are still stranded at Terminal 1 of the Hong Kong airport, to move to Terminal 2, parking lot A and B and for the Regal Airport.