12 July 2024

Thailand’s Consumer Protection Police Division (CPPD) has arrested a Thai businessman who allegedly cheated a Florida-based company out of about 184 million baht in a failed medical glove deal.

Commissioner of Central Investigation Bureau Pol Lt-Gen Chiraphop Phuridet said today (Wednesday) that the businessman, whose name was not disclosed, was apprehended by CPPD police following a complaint received from the US firm, which reportedly transferred the money to the Thai company as an advance payment for the supply of an unspecified quantity of medical gloves.

He said that the American company had asked for the return of its advance payment, but the demand was rejected.

Meanwhile, Superintendent of the 1st subdivision of the CPPDPol Col Chetphan Kitticharoensak said that, after receivingthe complaint, he immediately launched an investigation, adding that his men went to the Thai company’s warehouse in Chon Buri and to a subsidiary company in Sa Kaeo.

The police did not, however, find any trace of medical gloves at the two locations, which could have proved that the firm is or was actually engaged in the business of exporting medical gloves, he said.

After obtaining a warrant from the court, the police arrested the Thai businessman, who owns shell companies, set up specifically to dupe gullible businessmen overseas, by taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic when medical supplies are in huge demand.

Additionally, a company in Hong Kong and a company in France have both lodged separate complaints with the Thai Department of Special Investigation, alleging that they were duped by the same Thai company over medical glove deals.

Pol Col Chetphan said that these fraud cases are unrelated to the “Paddy the Room” trading company, which standsaccused of sending reused and repackaged medical gloves to its client in the United States. A Thai employee of the company was recently sentenced to four years in prison for fraud.