12 July 2024

The chapel and a pavilion at Kai Tia Temple, in Krasaeng sub-district of Sam Kok district in Pathum Thani province, has been temporarily turned into a shelter for six buffaloes, a cow, poultry and pigs, after the temple grounds were submerged under a metre of floodwater.

The temple’s abbot, Phra Maha Paibul Thitathammo, told Thai PBS reporters that it was necessary to evacuate all the animals to higher ground, where the chapel and a pavilion are located, because floodwater breached the embankment and flooded the temple compound.

All the animals were donated to the temple by lay people, so the temple could give them to farmers to be raised.

The abbot also said that he is looking for a better place to shelter all the animals.

Despite the flooding, monks at the temple can still go out of the temple to receive alms from members of the public, although it may less convenient than normal.