11 July 2024

A group of about 20 dedicated teachers and volunteers braved four hours of rain, mud and flooded dirt roads in Thungyai Naresuan wildlife sanctuary, in Thailand’s western province of Kanchanaburi, to deliver milk to 55 children at a remote school.

Although the Ban Koh Sadoeng School is only about ten kilometres from its parent school, Ban Kong Mongtha, the journey is treacherous, especially during the rainy season when the only dirt road to the remote school turns muddy and floods in several areas.

The riskiest section of the journey is the rickety bamboo bridge over a rushing creek, which is wide enough for just one motorcycle to pass at a time. One bad mistake can send both the motorbike and rider into the creek, to be swept away by the strong currents.

The obstacles didn’t, however, seem to dampen the spirits of the teachers and volunteers who were determined to accomplish their mission to deliver the milk before it expires.

A teacher said that they have to make three deliveries each month.

The parents thanked the teachers and volunteers, without whom the children would be without milk, as the school is located in the middle of the jungle and travel out of the village in Laiwo sub-district is near to impossible during the rainy season.