11 July 2024

The cabinet has decided to launch tourism promotional campaigns during the tourism low season retroactively, from May 1 until November 30, to promote tourism in 55 secondary tourist provinces and in some districts of 15 main tourist provinces, by providing tax incentives to companies which organise training courses and seminars in those provinces.

Individuals who travel in those provinces will also receive tax incentives on actual spending, up to 15,000 baht.

According to Deputy Government Spokesperson Radklao Inthawong Suwankiri, companies which join the tourism promotional campaign can deduct expenses, at twice the actual amount spent, from their taxable incomes for holding seminars and training courses in any of the 55 secondary tourist provinces.

They can deduct expenses at 1.5 times the actual amount spent for holding seminars and training courses in some districts of the main tourist provinces.

She said that the actual amount spent must be supported by receipts.

She also said that individuals can use the receipts for spending on lodging in hotels or homestays and spending on tour agency services to deduct them from their taxable incomes.

The tax incentive for tourism promotion program will cost the government 1.2 billion baht in lost revenue from corporate tax and 581 million baht in lost revenue from personal income tax.