11 July 2024

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has been holding the “Amazing Night Light of Loi Krathong” event, to celebrate the festival of floating lanterns at Bangkok’s Santi Chai Prakan Park from November 6th until tonight (Tuesday).

This year’s event is part of the TAT’s environmentally friendly tourism promotional activities that reflect the Thai way of life.

Apichai Chatchalermkit, the TAT’s Deputy Governor for Tourism Products and Business, says the event is aimed at offering foreign tourists an amazing experience and information about “Thai-ness” while encouraging Thais and foreigners to travel in the country.

This event is meant to boost confidence in Thailand’s image, focusing on happiness and the ‘Thai way of life.’ It offers a new experience for the Loi Krathong festival which is friendly to the environment,” Apichai said.

According to him, the goal is to increase the potential of Thai tourism in a qualitative way, while helping with the country’s income distribution in a sustainable manner.

The TAT’s event on Tuesday evening attended by many Bangkok residents and foreign tourists. For many visitors, it was their first Loi Krathong. They appeared impressed by the festival and joined the locals in releasing ‘krathong’ floats onto the river.

American tourist Hannah van Gerderen said she was really excited and happy to join the celebration in Bangkok, as it was her first experience doing so. She made her ‘krathong’ herself.

Jericho Farineau, a tourist from the Philippines, said Loi Krathong is an amazing cultural festival that can be enjoyed by both locals and tourists.

The “Amazing Night Light of Loi Krathong 2022” is a perfect blend of Thai tradition and modern times, reflecting the cultural richness of five unique areas that represent the Loi Krathong festival celebrated across the kingdom. These comprise the “Yi Peng” festival of Chiang Mai province, the “1,000 Floating Lanterns” festival in Tak, the “Pao Thien Len Fai” light and candle festival in Sukhothai, the Banana Leaf Sheath Lantern Festival in Samut Songkhram and the Sommanam Kuenpeng Sengprateep festival in Roi Et.

At the TAT’s Bangkok event, a unique set of Krathong floating lanterns were created, displaying the prominent qualities of the five regional festivals.

The highlight of the Loi Krathong evening on November 8th, which falls on the full-moon of the Thai lunar calendar’s 12th month, is a three-part procession, entitled “Trustful Great River of Rattanakosin”, reflecting people’s belief and faith in the waterway over the past centuries. The procession comprises three parts, covering three periods of the Rattanakosin Era.

The first part features the “Jong Priang” Brahman lantern procession, representing Loi Krathong celebrations during the reigns of King Rama I through King Rama IV.

The second part is the “Loi Phra Prateep” lantern procession, representing the celebrations during the reigns of King Rama V and VI.

The third part showcases the modern-day Loi Krathong celebrations, seen since the reign of King Rama VII.

Actress Fonthip “Pooklook” Watcharatrakul is also taking part in the procession as the central figure, dressed as Nang Noppamas, a lady of the 13th-century Sukhothai Era, who is believed to have inspired Loi Krathong.

The fair offers a new experience for Loi Krathong festival, colourful parades and cultural performances. There are demonstrations of royal cuisine cooking and the making of floating lanterns from the five unique areas. Visitors can also try their hand at making Krathong floats from natural materials at the fair, which ends tonight, at Bangkok’s Santi Chai Prakan Park.