Medical workers load syringes with the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine. (Photo by Apu GOMES / AFP)

Nearly 2.2 million more doses of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine arriving in Thailand

Thailand is expecting delivery of 2.2 million doses of Moderna mRNA vaccine, manufactured in the United States, over the course of yesterday and today (Monday). This new batch is to…

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Over one million doses of Moderna vaccine arrive in Thailand on Thursday

The first 1.3 million, of the 3.7 million doses of the Moderna mRNA vaccine set to be delivered in  January, arrived in Thailand today (Thursday), with the balance to be…

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First batch of Moderna vaccine expected to arrive in Thailand in November

The first lot of the Moderna mRNA vaccine is expected to arrive in Thailand in November, according to a statement issued by ZP Therapeutics Company, a unit of Zuellig Pharma,…

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Zuellig Pharma says Thai Red Cross Society’s order for 5 million doses of Moderna vaccine is being processed

Zuellig Pharma, the sole distributor of Moderna vaccine in Thailand, has informed the Thai Red Cross Society (TRCS) that the company has already notified the manufacturer of the order for…

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AP Photo/Michael Sohn, File

5 million doses of Moderna vaccine to be ordered next month for this year and next

Five million doses of the US-made Moderna COVID-19 vaccine are to be ordered as another paid alternative for Thailand, with deliveries expected late this year and early next, according to…

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