Firefighters work on the site of a bus accident on October 03, 2023 in Mestre, near Venice. At least 20 people were killed Tuesday when a bus plunged off a bridge in the northern Italian city of Venice, a city hall spokesman told AFP. The crash caused “at least 20 deaths, including two children,” the spokesman said. Firefighters said the bus caught fire after careering off a bridge linking the Mestre and Marghera districts. / AFP

At least 21 dead after Italian bus carrying tourists falls from Venice overpass

At least 21 people died on Tuesday and 18 were injured after a bus carrying tourists to a campground crashed off an overpass near Venice in northern Italy and caught fire, city officials…

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East meets west as Southern Thai Nora dance lands in Venice

In an unprecedented move, Thailand National Artist Thummanit Nikomrat thrilled spectators by performing the traditional Nora dance not on stage but in a gondola on a Venetian canal. Most had…

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Venice underwater as exceptional tide sweeps through canal city

Since last Tuesday, Venice has been facing the worst flooding in its history. It is being caused by, what is known locally as, “acqua alta”, or unusually high tides, which…

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