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With coronavirus playing variable, Thai political war rages on

Rival Thai politicians and their supporters are gambling on how the country’s COVID-19 situation will pan out in the immediate future. If it gets worse significantly or improves remarkably, nothing…

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Thailand Politics censure debate

Govt will survive no-confidence debate, but at what cost?

With their clear majority in the House, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and the nine other targeted ministers are expected to sail through the second no-confidence debate in the two years…

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Protesters to return to Ratchaprasong for major rally Wednesday

Anti-government protesters vowed to return for another major rally at Ratchaprasongintersection in the heart of Bangkok on Wednesday evening to await the result of the Parliament’s vote on the constitutional…

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Protesters break through police barriers to reach parliament gate

Thousands of anti-government protesters have forced their way through police barriers to rally at the main gate of the parliament where parliamentarians are debating bills seeking to amend the constitution….

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Police battle protesters as Parliament debates charter bills

As parliamentarians debated the bills seeking to amend the constitution, police battled anti-government protesters trying to break through barriers outside the Parliament at Kiakkai intersection. At one point scuffles also…

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