Phuang Malai hung in vehicles for luck and safety

High regard for the humble Phuang Malai

Hawaii and Polynesia have the lei, India the mala or haar, and the Philippines is known for its sampaguita, which adorn just about every religious icon. Thailand too has a…

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Khanom-Tokyo with sweet filling. (Photo by By Charles Haynes)

What’s in a name? Thai favourites that hint at coming from elsewhere

Many Thai dishes that are, well, quintessentially Thai, have been given foreign names over the years. Take American fried rice, for example, which despite its name doesn’t hail from the…

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King urges Thai people to preserve Thai culture and live righteously

His Majesty the King of Thailand has urged his subjects to preserve Thai culture, to understand the value of merit and to live righteously, based on reasoning and truth. In…

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A Shan woman in traditional costume dances to celebrate the end of Vassa, the Buddhist Lent, in Mae Sariang, Mae Hong Son province.

Castles, lights and strange creatures

The spectacular Ork Wa Festival returns to the Shan-speaking communities of the small and sleepy town of Mae Sariang in Thailand’s Northern province of Mae Hong Son this month with…

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Teak logs in new parliament building designed to convey  “Thai-ness”

The use of teak wood to decorate the interior of the new parliament building under construction is meant to convey Thai culture and Thai-ness, House of Representatives secretary-general Sorasak Pienwech…

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